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If you are tired from traveling or have had a busy day full of meetings or if you just want to unwind and find some relief from stress, let me provide you with my nude sensual body to body massage with tantric touches that will lead you to a truly enlightening experience and a happy ending and I will fulfill all your needs and special desires. I am a 38 year-old  lady from Belgium with a tanned and well-toned body and wonderfully soft skin. I have D cup breasts, long blond hair and I am a very sensual and friendly lady.

I am certified masseuse who use combination of long relaxing Californian massage strokes with Swedish techniques for a full body massage and I had training at Tantric centre in Thailand to tailor my massage for men who seeks sensuality and relaxation. I have worked in different countries like France and Switzerland and have built great experience to provide you with ulitmate pleasure massage session and prestine professionalism including discretion. My pictures are genuine and up to date, only for my privacy I prefer to blur part of my face, thank you for understanding. 


I do outcall visit between Marbella and Estepona and can come disretely dressed within an hour depends on availability and traffic. 


To make an appointment call me at +34656446059 or send an SMS, I use Whatsapp, Viber, Telegram and Signal also email. If I am busy, I will answer ASAP and we can arrange wonderful massage session.  



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What are differences with tantric masseuse and escort girl services


In general every individual instinctively know how to have sex, it is wired in our genes and when we become grownups we just know and do it. With practice you can try different variety positions to find the best way to get excited and culminate. At  the end of intercourse men contract the muscles around pelvic area and get ejaculation. Usually the orgasm is very short and you might feel bit physically tired depending on how long you had sexual act. It is fine if you have regular partner like girlfriend or wife because you have emotional connection too, with escort lady you feel a stranger it is pure lust and very impersonal. And if it is not a good chemistry or girl is too cold and distant it is even difficult to get hard even if she is young and very attractive lady.


With tantric masseuse is very different. First she makes relaxing atmosphere with dimming lights and putting on soft music. Sessions starts with nice full body massage you can feel warm touch of her soft hands removing all the tensions in your body and in the meanwhile have a nice chat to get to know each other better. Then she slowly starts to glide with her big breasts over your but, your back coming lying over your whole body and gently kissing your neck and ear… Do you feel excitement already rushing, not so fast - she takes time to go down and play with her hands between your thighs rubbing your testicles and then gliding with her big boobs up again giving body to body massage. After some play it is time to turn face up and erotic play is continuing letting your imagination go wild with not knowing what will be next, your mind only focusing on your senses and beautiful naked masseuse… With lot of playing, making you hard and moving to other erogenous zone of your body to tease and explore postponing your culmination finally you will explode like volcano feeling much stronger orgasm that leads to orgasmic waves through all your body not just pelvic area. You will feel also very relaxed like after spa massage and the same time sexually energized. After the good night rest you will feel completely alive full of energy, your head is clear, body is light and ready to start your day. When you come to Marbella and feel lonely in your hotel give a call to Emily to try her marvelous erotic tantric massage, it is wonderful way to end your busy day in Costa del Sol. 


Feel the great joy


Tantric Massage Marbella Spain



Emily is one of the  first tantric masseuse in Marbella that has long experience by practising in different countries like France and Switzerland. 

She has developed her own version of tantric massage: a blissful whole body massage which embrace body, mind and spirit, and which is intensely pleasurable, relaxing and energising.


It combines principles of tantra, senses and meditation, with erotic massage, sensual massage as well as combination of Swedish massage with Californian long strokes style using full hand palm that helps to feel warmth and removes stress away from the whole body.


Her tantric massage is a supremely enjoyable, relaxing yet energising, total body massage including from happy enind to full service, using organic oils. It has many benefits  – and is  a sure way to relieve stress and restore energy.




There are many different opinions and schools therefore  all masseuses perform it differently, depending on the level of understanding of the  practitioner.  


Traditional tantra is a body of ancient esoteric teachings which date back thousands of years. In its essence, the path of tantra reveals the secret experience of Oneness, the bliss of the union of opposites, the realisation of the inter-connectedness of everything in the universe and the expansion and transcendence of ordinary consciousness to reach supraconsciousness. Many Indian and Tibetan painting and sculpture are permeated by tantric iconography, often depicting deities in sexual union.

This union respresents the selfless and blissful union of the individual with the infinite, which is at the core of tantra.

It suggests that in this two bodies union during continuous prolonged sexual arousal in divine consciousness becomes available to the individual.

The art can also be understood as representing symbols which lie deep within our subconscious.

In its essence, tantra is not just about sensuality or  sex, it is about the vital energy which is the source of all experiences.The goal is for the individual to  merge into universal consciousness, and to experience divine excstasy within, living in supra-sexual bliss. In today’s  common language, the term tantra may refer to any kind of alternative sexual practices.


I have also written an article on the origin of tantric massage on my  blog This explains what in general terms is understood to be tantric masage today.


Please take the time to read the different sections of the website, to help you understand what my tantric massage is all about, and how it may differ from many of the services which have sprung up in Marbella in recent years. There are numerous erotic and sensual massages on offer in Costa del Sol, many of them branding themselves ‘genuine tantric massage’, but tantric massage should have a different dimension.


For further understanding, I suggest reading about  whole sensual massage ritual on my page Services , as well as the articles on my blog,  in particular the  blog article also entitled Tantric  Lingam Massage in Marbella. Also you can look on video page it can give you visual idea about the sensual massage session.


Most of men they have own idea and think they know what they want then  often they arrive with rigid expectations. My suggestion is that if you can let go and be open, and learn to trust your inner feeling, you may be able to experience something you have never felt before. Men during massage often find it hard to allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Yet it is this very vulnerability which is our true strength. We all need to discover this for ourselves.



In essence tantric massage encourages a meditative approach … where breath and wordless connection amplify the intensity of sexual pleasure without falling over the cliff of orgasm. Maintaining a high state of arousal while at the same time being completely relaxed results in an unimaginable, timeless state of ecstatic bliss. Orgasm is a delightful and profound experience. During tantric massage session it can be so much more than ten seconds of pelvic muscle spasm. Take your time to explore what is possible! And you know what? After all of that, there’s still so much more to discover. And it is very easy just text me to set up the date.



Massage qualifications



Masseuse Emily have genuine, recognised massage qualifications with professional massage skills, so you can be sure to receive a real and  top class massage – not just a mediocre touch and the rest is focusing on sexual services like an escort girls in Estepona and Marbella or Malaga. 


She speaks fluent english and is beautiful inside as well as out. The skill, empathy and understanding of your tantric masseuse will enable you to relax and experience sensations you may never have felt before. You will feel  peaceful, completly relaxed, yet energized by delicious currents of bliss.


She offers tantric massage to men with different options how to culminate to meet everybody different preferences. Now days more and more men are becoming genuinely interested and pro-active in improving the sensual aspect of their lives.


Tantric massage can help the receiver to connect more deeply with his own inner energy and senses, as well as that of a partner.


This is enabled through deep breathing,  the intimacy of  conscious touch, and the release and alignment of our sensual, emotional and spiritual energies.


Everyone has a natural and intrinsic desire to experience their inner being, or to put it another way, to feel good within their own body..




Emily tantric massage is a very unique experience. For those who are new to it, or if you have any questions, you are welcome to contact by email or text or by phone on +34656446059 and I will be happy to have a chat and resolve any issues you may have.


 How to increase erotic massage exctatic pleasure 


The "Tantric High"

It is wonderful to experience the ecstasy of each release, which lasted longer and was more powerful. Thousands years ago Kama Sutra resume of sexual pleasure demonstrates that people have been seeking higher peaks of pleasure for long time.


There are few techniques that have prove to work:

First you should start with just breath, yes in Tantric techniques you learn to use deep breathing even sex therapist recommend today by using breathing, it relaxes your body and mind, bringing oxygen to all your body parts and allowing you to prolong every joy of feeling soft touches from beautiful naked masseuse and feel it more vividly.


The second technique is to hold back. It can feel difficult at the beginning not to come when you start to feel arousal but the longer you refrain from simply letting go, the higher the eventual explosion of pleasure will be. You can give hint to erotic masseuse to pause that she can move her pleasurable touches to different part of your body or using her big breasts slide all over body to body massage to extend your pleasure sensation giving you time to withhold. If you are deeply relaxed and remain sexually aroused for an extended period of time, you begin to experience a sense of euphoria. It can be felt as "tantric high," because it's similar to the "runners high" that has a same underlying cause - increase of endorphins plus PEA when it is sexual arousal. Most men start to feel this wonderful euphoric sensation after around 20-30 minutes, and it grows stronger over time. By the end of a two-hour tantric ritual, it can become very intense.


The benefits of witholding :

• Prolong the duration of the orgasm

• Increase in stamina

• Prolonging the sex act



Applying disciplined control of tantric masseuse attention to regions of your body, she spread the normally localized sensations of sexual arousal beyond the genital area to the rest of the trunk and beyond. Given enough time of playing on different erogenous zones, and concentration, the orgasm that finally occurs seems to come from the whole body at once, making it much more powerful than any ordinary orgasm.


Did you know that orgasms in a satisfying sexual encounter make you look good. It is true the more sex you have, the better you will look. Research has shown that the release of hormones in the body during an orgasm makes the skin glow and even make your hair shine. Orgasms are great for your psychological health as well as a natural stress releaf. Having sex encounter more frequently will reduce anxiety and it also works great to boost your self-esteem.

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Hi, I am Emily beautifull female masseuse in Marbella hotel to give wonderful massage. The great benefits of an erotic private massage from a experienced and beautifull female masseuse at your hotel in Spain to book to enjoy at your leisure. You have not really experienced pleasure and relaxation until you have tried a nude massage in Malaga from a beautifull massage girl in Estepona. To schedule your own private topless massage session, just contact me on   Emily Outcall Massage. A tantrico massage at your hotel in Costa del Sol or your home gives you possibility to have total privacy combined with ultimate pleasure of massage erotic or sensual massage also called a tantric massage. My massage service in Estepona was designed for the vacation travelers, golf players as well as local residents who want that blissful sensual touch with big breast massage from their sexy masseuses in Marbella.