I offer Tantric massage sessions in Marbella, South of Spain, for men who are looking for something different.


I am a certified masseuse.  I begin by dimming the lights and putting on soft music to create a romantic and intimate mood. I use organic massage oil.  I start the massage with a professional relaxation anti-stress, full-body massage.  I will then increase your excitement by sliding up and down your body with my big breasts in a body-to-body massage.  After you turn over on your back, I continue with sensual body-to-body gliding over you with my breasts and my entire body, using erotic stimulation through tantric touching, teasing you, and concentrating on your erogenous zones until you reach such a state of excitement that it will lead to an irresistible culmination and explosive happy ending.  The idea is not to climax too soon, but to postpone the explosion as long as possible in order to heighten considerably your orgasm and erotic pleasure throughout your entire body.  You will feel completely re-energized and relaxed.  Many men prefer this way to unwind because it is an extremely sensual and erotic experience, and it is wonderful to be seduced by a sensual and beautiful woman.

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-What is the difference between 1h and 2h sessions?


If your time is limited then 1h session will be starting first with relaxation full body massage and after shorter sensual body to body erotic foreplay will lead to culmination. 


if you have 2h time to spare  and want a wonderful blissful ecstasy experience I can suggest two options:


a)  To start first with erotic part as the first time it is too exciting and does not last very long, after culmination to have wonderful relaxation massage that will blend into the sensual body to body erotic play and a lot of teasing, after this prolonged ecstatic state will lead to a strong orgasmic explosion.


b) To start first with professional relaxation wonderful full body massage and have time to get to know each other better for emotional bond and remove awkward barrier as the strangers have at the first meeting, also during the massage you are better prepared for true tantric erotic reception because your body muscles are fully relaxed and your senses become open to erogenous stimulation. Following with blending into the body to body sensual massage, a lot of touching, sliding with my big breasts over your body, a lot of teasing and postponing, kissing different erogenous zones till all your senses become so activated that culmination will feel as a volcanic explosion with orgasmic waves tingling through all your body, often men shake quiet a few minutes during this ecstatic occurrence. After you should feel completely relaxed and at peace, it is almost like a meditative state. 

I can almost feel you are interested to discover more after all this information. It is very easy, just text me and we can set up the date ...

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Tantric massage

 (full body massage blending into the body to body and finishing: Manual Happy Ending)


1h -   incall / outcall  150€  



Sensual massage

 (full body massage blending into the body to body and finishing: with  Oral Covered)


1h -   incall / outcall  170€  



Sensual massage  Ultimate 

(full body massage blending into the body to body and finishing: with Oral Without Condom till culmination inside)


1h -  incall / outcall  200€ 



Erotic Pleasure massage

(full body massage blending into body to body and finishing with full service: Oral with or without condom and Sex covered )   


1h - incall / outcall  300€ 



Erotic  Natural GFE massage

(full body massage blending into body to body and finishing with full service:

including  Oral and Sex without condom till culmination inside )   


1h - incall / outcall  350€ 



*Additional half-hour  discount -20€

*Additional 1h discount -50€

*Outcall visit + roundtrip taxi depends on your location



  • I accept donations in cash in EUR or USD. When you choose the massage option, you can ask me about the current USD rate. 
  • I do incall in a discreet apartment located between San Pedro and Estepona available from 11:00 till 20:00
     and  outcall visit in Costa del Sol, between Marbella and Estepona hotel or home residence  from 11:00 till 22:00


  • With advanced booking, it is easier to make a reservation and fix a time. Last-minute bookings are welcome too. I can come discretely dressed in one hour.


  • To make an appointment, you can send a message on WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, or Signal, or email, whichever works best for you. 


    I do not offer couples massage as I am not sexually attracted to women, no SM bondage or role play fantasies either, and no anal sex; please refrain from asking. I specialize in sensual erotic massage with tantric culmination, and there are other ladies, if you prefer, who offer different services. Thank you for understanding. 



Greetings, XXX





Lingam in Sanskrit means 'mark' and in Hinduism it represents the male sexual organ. The female sexual organ is called 'yoni' in the western world, commonly used word ‘pussy’. The union of the lingam and the yoni represent the male and female being together and inseparable, throughout time and space and from which all life originates. There are known many sculptures and statues in Hinduism that feature lingam or yoni symbols as a sacred life symbol.

You can enjoy lingam massage in different ways: let naked beautiful masseuse using magic tantric massage touches till happy ending culmination to finish massage session, or let your lingam to feel bareback oral penetration till cim or most exciting sacred experience is like girlfriend experience natural sex letting your lingam gliding inside bareback female yoni both receiving wonderful sex massage and finalizing with blissful culmination inside, enjoy filling deep inside yoni with your grand orgasmic release. Many men lose sensation feeling when lingam is covered or have allergies for latex and can not fully enjoy sex or even receive orgasm, natural sex after the massage it is great alternative just important that both partners have high hygiene. Also, masseuse performs first barback oral that saliva neutralizes all unnecessary bacterias like it does the same with food and it makes it safe to glide inside yoni. If you are looking for outcall escort sensual erotic massage in your hotel in Marbella browser this website and arrange a memorable experience with Emily. Complete your stay in Marbella hotel with the best nude Tantric outcall massage in the city of love.


If performed right a lingam and yoni massage, is a massage that plays honor to the sexual organs through which energy and life can flow. The best naked tantric masseuse will also focus at least 15 to 20 minutes on building and eventually releasing energy in this area. 




You may be wondering why have a tantric massage?


Maybe you do not feel like being concerned about the concepts of all this philosophical talk.


You might feel curious because friends may have mentioned the word tantra or tantric massage to you and told you it is something you should explore 


You may have heard that even some famous people practice Tantric sex…


Many people feel stressed by the pressures of life; you may be suffering from jet lag or overwork  – your body may be aching, and your mind cannot stop its ceaseless chatter. Because nowadays the tempo of the corporate working lifestyle is so high and demanding, for many professional men become routine the constant traveling, staying in hotels, and participating in long exhausting meetings; many men feel isolated and lonely, and soon body stiffens, emotions become numb somewhere hidden inside, and you start to feel like you are living on autopilot and nothing brings you joy or happiness anymore.

 You may have tried meditation but found that you just sit there and cannot stop the constant busy activity of your mind.


 You may be feeling that you would like to explore yourself, your life, your relationships, and your sensuality in new and more profound ways…

 Why not try really excellent full-body massage combined with erotic sensual play to release sexual energy that makes you feel alive again – Emily offers quality professional massage blending into the body-to-body gliding with her big breasts, kissing, and teasing erotic play, and you can choose also different culmination option: happy ending, covered or bareback oral without condom with cim or you will enjoy feeling intense orgasmic cum with sex inside sweet tight pussy, you can explore Kamasutra different positions to find the best way to culminate and release your sexual energy.  After, you will feel light joyful ecstasy tingling through your whole body and complete relaxation. Her massages are different that are hard to come by, even in Marbella today.



If you have never had a tantric massage before, you really don’t know what to expect. You may also be feeling slightly nervous or maybe uncomfortable, apprehensive, or experiencing feelings to which you cannot even put a name to.


This is totally understandable and happens to a lot of people. You are welcome to phone or email if you want to ask about anything you are unsure of.




We are all individuals, you can freely discuss all your preferences, and the massage will be tailored to your individual needs.


In my experience, any doubts disappear when we meet, and you see my smiling, easy-going personality and feel enveloped in the peaceful, meditative, and welcoming atmosphere.



It doesn't matter who you are, whether you live in Costa del Sol between Marbella and Estepona or you come to play golf or leisure, everybody needs to take some time out every now for some relaxation. It is good to do this as it recharges the body and stops you from burning yourself out. There is not a shortage of people who have come to enjoy beautiful Marbella, mountains, and sea and are full of energy and enthusiasm only for years later to feel wholly exhausted and suffer from fatigue or after a long flight and then spending the whole day playing golf after your back is sore, feeling still jet-lagged and with time difference won't be able to sleep in your hotel room how much strain you can add to your body till it breaks. There is no need for that. Let a beautiful friendly masseuse come discreetly to your Marbella hotel room at your convenient time to give you the most wonderful professional full body massage and use her body and lovely big breasts gliding body to body to rub the oil in your skin, feel her thighs with rocking motion pressing your buttocks while she glides over you. It is terrific to feel after a relaxing massage a sensual erotic play to forget all the stress and focus on a blissful exciting experience till the very happy ending.


People find it common to invest money in property or stocks, but the most important investment you can make is investing in your own health. So if that means putting aside some time and money to go for an erotic massage in Marbella, then so be it. You will feel much more relaxed and reenergized at the same time, all your meetings will go much smoother when you are rested, and deals will be made much easier when your mind is clear, and your body is without any tension. If you do not know where to go and who to see, then just take the next few minutes to browse around this website. Emily is very skillful in sensual tantric massage and will provide you with the relaxation your body and mind may require.


When you book a hotel in Costa del Sol and travel to this romantic and beautiful place called the city of love, you can experience a wonderful relaxing session of erotic massage in Marbella to make your stay extra joyful. Reward yourself to have a pampering moment all to yourself, intimate and discreet. The outcall massage service in Marbella is a very easy and simplest way to receive your masseuse on short notice at your convenient time. Even in between work or other meetings, you can book your erotic body-to-body massage; you are sure to have a great evening and be more focused and energized for the rest of the day. During traveling, usually, the daily schedule is chaotic, and after to go to the hotel Spa is not an option for most men as they close early and do not always have space available. For almost the same price, you can get a blissful naked sensual massage in your hotel room privately performed by a beautiful sexy massage girl in Marbella. When you want to choose sensual massages, it is better to choose a quality masseuse girl over cheap massage parlors. There are small rooms with questionable privacy. Some of them even have cameras in the massage room and most likely mechanical hand job or maybe even non. You can explore the true difference between an escort girl and an erotic masseuse hen you arrange a meeting for a wonderful experience. This is how you start a great trip to Marbella. Tantric massage service is more reliable, trustworthy, discreet, and, most of all, effective than escort service. The outcall nude full body massage in Costa del Sol is very popular as a no-worries and stress relief service, the best adult activity that will make you wonderfully reenergized in the privacy of your hotel room. The sensual massage is a great alternative to lonely evenings in the Marbella hotel room while traveling, just send me a text message or call to arrange a meeting. My body-to-body massage in Marbella with different options for culminating happy-ending orgasms will ensure to bring a smile to your face and release all the tension in your body, among other things!



It can be an intimidating endeavor for those who have never engaged in such an experience to request a visit from the mesmerizing, intelligent, and generous nude masseuses who make up the collective known and respected worldwide as Emily outcall massage, yet those with concern need not worry.

Each client is treated with unending devotion, discretion, and respect, and the masseuse is dedicated to leading a shy client for the first time through the many delicate details of nude massage to feel relaxed and confident, also fulfill the different requests and desires to tailor the massage to individual needs, to provide ultimate pleasure leading to blissful state and feeling of wholeness again, thanks to the high experience of Emily, the best masseuse in Marbella for men. 


The primary notion required for full enjoyment of a  sensual massage is to disregard all tiresome earthly concerns and personal problems, the bills and appointments, and myriad other elements that take up so much of one’s precious consciousness in daily life.


Preparing the Chakras for a Sensual Massage

It is then essential to prepare one’s chakras, which can be separated into the three heart, root, and sacral chakras. These can be traditionally addressed in preparation for an in the following manner:

first, by placing the left hand upon the heart to open oneself to intimacy, to love, to passion, and spur the heart chakra; second, by placing the right hand upon the anus to unlock the root chakra; finally, by moving the right hand to the lingam in order to awaken in three aspects one’s chakras.

Ultimately, one must focus on the singular truth that they are about to undergo a life-changing experience that will benefit them in countless ways, for it is only the full and unabashed recognition of this truth that will generate the fullest levels of anticipatory contemplation. Envision the sensation of the goddess that is your masseuse addressing each and every micron of your being with her unwavering touch.

The Psychological and Spiritual Benefits of a Sensual Massage


As with all experiences that require us to exceed our previous limits of sensation, there is nothing that can be done to truly prepare for an Emily sensual massage except to take the final step. Overcoming apprehension and nerves is just one element of the abundant psychological and spiritual benefits that accompany the completion of such a massage.

Whether one is compelled to carry out the traditional preparation of the chakras synonymous with the build-up to the sensual massage or simply wishes to carry into the experience their own personal version of the anticipatory contemplation, the result is the same



An all-encompassing, physically liberating, and spiritually cleansing experience that will never be forgotten and likely repeated once the recipient undergoes the full realization of the sheer state of heightened existence ushered in by this mesmeric act.


A detailed guide to happy ending massage


How is the name ‘happy ending’ connected to massage is perhaps many men still are trying to find out? 

If the 'happy ending' definition did not explain the concept properly, read on to find out the exciting details behind this term and discover where you can experience it for yourself in a magical city like Marbella.


What exactly does a happy ending massage mean?


A massage with a happy ending includes the real full body massage itself done by a naked sexy, and experienced masseuse, which leads to the ultimate goal – sexual orgasm release.

There are different ways you can release this most sacred orgasm, which is often delivered by a hand job, but also, there are masseuses like Emily who offer to culminate via a bareback blow job or the most pleasurable feeling of natural sexual intercourse. Also, several forms of erotic massage in Marbella include various techniques of sexual pleasure through sensual body touch and erotic teasing play, while they are not explicitly just a sex encounter that you will have with escort girls.

One of these examples is the body-to-body gliding massage which emerged in Japan from using a lot of body glide gel called Nuru massage. It has now become extremely popular throughout the whole globe, including in the happy ending massage or so-called lingam massage.  

A body 2 body massage begins with the masseuse covering the men's body in slippery organic oil. After this, the masseuse rubs her nude body on big firm breasts all over men's back to evoke sexual arousal and pleasure. When you are in a hotel room in Marbella, it is easy to perform on the bed because there is enough space for a slippery B2B teasing massage. 

With body2body as well as with similar happy-ending massages, the sexy masseuse uses her whole naked body to stimulate her client's back, gliding with her large breasts and lying with the whole body on top of the man to receive a sensual body rub.

The beginning of a happy ending massage starts with relaxation form of a regular full body massage that is gradually followed by both naked bodies touching each other with firm breast pressure on your back and shoulders while kissing your neck and deep breathing from excitement in your ear, Tantric sensual caresses with masseuse magic fingers on your buttock and inner thighs and many more erotic massage seduction play that will lead to a giant orgasmic happy ending explosion. 


Where can you get a happy ending massage?

When somebody is looking to try it for the first time, getting a happy ending massage can be a bit intimidating. That can be sort of awkward to receive a sexual release from a stranger, but also can be embarrassing to ask about it at a massage parlor establishment that does not offer it. Even if you suspect that masseuse might agree but it is still a not sure thing.  


Many massage parlors that offer these sexy happy ending massages can be easy to find by the way they advertise their business. Some of the signs to look for are the following:

- Seducing name like "Ecstasy massage
- A massage parlor advertised as a spa but with pictures of women dressed in tiny outfits;
- Glass frontage that has been completely covered this way that the interior is not visible from the outside;
- Also on the internet you can read sex forums or find an online advertisement for massage salons, just look around at their website for the clues. 


Also, a good way to find out whether a massage spa business actually does offer happy ending massages is to actually step inside. If most of people are waiting for their ‘massage’ are all men, you can see it as a sign that it is the same kind of place you are interested in.

In addition, masseuses who offer happy endings probably won't wear the white uniforms that you usually see at ‘spa' parlors. Instead, you will see masseuses wearing sort of provocative clothing and even high heels.


Massage parlors with happy ending near me

If you are a Marbella local guy, the best way to find a massage salon that offers happy endings is to speak to friends. You might be surprised at how many men even within your own circle have already experienced a happy ending massage and will be able to give you useful advice.

If you visit Marbella for a golf play tournament or sightseeing,  an online search is a perfect way to find massage parlors a close distance near your hotel or apartment.

Also, people working in the service industry like hotel concierges and even taxi drivers are the best option for such information. They gladly will share what they know with you. All you need is just the courage to ask.

Marbella has always been known as a city of love with a sensual vibe. If you are looking for a happy ending massage therapy or an erotic massage, you are definitely in the right city.


Independent Tantra masseuses offer also outcall visits in Marbella


Many independent beautiful masseuses also advertise their services online and have their own website with detailed information about the type of massages they offer, it can be sensual body-to-body massage, highly erotic sexy massage, or teasing unforgettable Tantra massage in their menu all including happy ending massage. Most of them also do outcall visits in Marbella city and sometimes airports hotels like Malaga so you can enjoy this wonderful blissful experience in the privacy of your room and save yourself a hassle going to massage parlor risking being seen going in by colleagues, putting in danger your reputation or even be filmed on camera as most of them hang it inside for 'security'. After the massage you will be very relaxed and in high ecstasy blissful state, it is good that you can just stay in your own room and relish this wonderful time instead of dressing up and going outside like in a massage parlor. Emily offers delightful erotic massage and has great skills from her experience as a sensual masseuse. Just browse this website to read more about her services. She might be within 1h at your doorstep, just call or text or email her, she is discreet, professional, and responds very quickly. 



Do you know that arousing erogenous zones are a very important part of erotic sensual massage? Emily shares her experiences and secret techniques to receive the maximum pleasure during sensual seduction play. 


To perform successful erotic and tantric massage it is essential to focus also on erogenous zones that not only women but also men have at different parts of their bodies. These erogenous zones can also slightly vary in each person some have more sensitivity in one place than others. Erotic massage girl can ask for direction or sense it from the man's reaction were to give extra attention, when she sees that it is very sensitive and pleasurable, to enhance this wonderful sexy massage experience. So what are the key erogenous zones in women and men why sensual erotic masseuse should concentrate and give thorough attention to them?

What about Ears?

Maybe not a lot of women know, but the ears are a super sensitive erogenous zone in men. Especially when a woman, after sexy oily slippery gliding body to body massage, lies on men’s back and starts to suck gently on ear lobes and sensually licks inside the ear with the tip of the tongue, it kicks the sexy excitement to the highest point of arousal and you will hear the deep breathing or even moaning as a sign that you hit the top erogenous spot. Some men feel the right ear is more sensitive and experience it as a stronger erotic stimulant; it might be because the ear is located near the brain side that controls happiness, who knows… You can even whisper in men ear what are you going to do to him next, it gets his imagination to go wild and be completely focused on the present rather than thinking about the stressful day he had today. Some women can feel strong erogenous stimulants in the ears as well it is good to try and see the reaction.

And the Neck?

Yes, the neck is definitely one of the top erogenous zones both for men and women. If you want to get men fast in a completely wild and aroused state, combine together the sensual erotic playing with the neck and ears.  Try to kiss gently men’s neck first before going to tease his ear especially starting at the area above the collarbone, move with small soft kisses even little tong licks to the side of the neck and at the start of the hairline, this part of the neck is highly sensitive, most men will feel as ultimate sensual stimulant right away.  You can also combine gliding body to body with your naked breasts over his back and going up to kiss his neck and ears then go down again massaging with her boobs body 2 body and repeat this erotic ritual couple of times for maximum pleasure effect.

 Clitoris for women?

Sure it is one of the most sensitive erogenous places women have. If you want to caress with your hands it is a good idea to apply lubricant gel on the clitoris first, then the erotic arousal sensation will feel ten times stronger, use gentle light touches and rubbing around and you will feel the light thrilling in the woman’s body, in addition, you can notice her cheeks becoming flushing from sexy pleasure. Also, sex toys that vibrate when stimulating the clitoris can make woman wet and sexually highly aroused. Inside the pussy is the sacred g-sport that feels like corduroy ridges and is a little more prominent than the rest of the skin inside the vagina. It is a highly enjoyable place for woman as well. You can make a woman experience a wonderful orgasm when combining erotic stimulation on both of them simultaneously. With one hand finger or sex toy rub inside to stimulate g-spot while with the other hand fingers rub the clitoris at the same time. This is one of the fastest ways to make a woman receive enormous orgasm and maximum pleasure. Also going oral on ladies with men’s thong is very sensual and highly enjoyable. You can try different combinations to see what works best.

Should you consider Scrotum for men?

Of course, the scrotum is one of the top male erogenous zones, it is blissful pleasure when a woman licks it softly, caresses, and even when sucking on it. If you can try to take whole testicles in your mouth and with your thong rub it lightly while sucking and with other hand massage penis simultaneously it will definitely make men on the edge to come.

What about inner thighs?

Yes, also a very sensitive zone for men, especially after a relaxing full body rub, if you apply generously oil on the inner thighs and start to massage this area you will get a quick sexy response from men in form of heavy breathing from excitement, groaning, or even tilling his butt higher up. You will know you hit an erogenous spot right away.

Perineum, the so-called Taint in sex talk, is the area between the anus and testicles that is also super sensitive, it is good to combine it together in massaging inner thighs, following the gently rubbing with one hand Taint area after pressing it firmly, while with other hand holding his balls in your palm, this will make men squeal with heavy arousal. Men love to have their balls stroked and to be fondled around.


Definitely. After the clitoris for woman, it is the second most sensitive spot on the body. The nipples are also at the top of the erogenous zone list for men. Light caressing the breast for a woman it is the right way to do it. And for men gentle sucking of the nipples sometimes even little bites makes it a highly enjoyable experience.

Finally the lips?

In any sexy encounter the gentle kiss on the lips and even using a thong, often called a french kiss, gives this wonderful bonding feeling, a lot of pleasure, and truly positive emotions. Both women and men like a lot when they are kissed. You can fondle with your fingers around other parts of the body while kissing.  And it feels best while your eyes are closed, this way you can concentrate maximum on your inner body senses during the sensual kiss.


If you like to experience highly sensual erotic massage while you are staying in Marbella city and are looking for an outcall visit at your hotel or apartment, contact beautiful and skilled Tantra goddess Emily she is truly an expert in seduction and erotic arousal, browser this website to read more in the details about her marvelous massage service and you can see her recent pictures too.



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Girlfriend Experience (GFE)   French Kissing  
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Erotic Massage   Oral Without Condom  
Sex Between Breasts   Body to Body sliding with my big breasts  
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