Apr 17 2016

How increase your orgasm

The "Tantric High"

It is wonderful to experience the ecstasy of each release, which lasts longer and is more powerful. Thousands of years ago, Kama Sutra's resume of sexual pleasure demonstrated that people have been seeking higher peaks of pleasure for a long time.


There are a few techniques that have proven to work:

First, you should start with just breathing, yes in Tantric techniques, you learn to use deep breathing even sex therapists recommend today by using breathing, it relaxes your body and mind, bringing oxygen to all your body parts and allowing you to prolong every joy of feeling soft touches from a beautiful naked masseuse and feel it more vividly.


The second technique is to hold back. It can feel difficult at the beginning not to come when you start to feel arousal, but the longer you refrain from simply letting go, the higher the eventual explosion of pleasure will be. You can give a hint to the erotic masseuse to pause so that she can move her pleasurable touches to a different part of your body or use her big breasts to slide all over body-to-body massage to extend your pleasure sensation, giving you time to withhold. If you are deeply relaxed and remain sexually aroused for an extended period of time, you begin to experience a sense of euphoria. It can be felt as a "tantric high," because

it's similar to the "runners high" that has a similar underlying cause - an increase of endorphins plus PEA when in sexual arousal. Most men start to feel this wonderful euphoric sensation after around 20-30 minutes, and it grows stronger over time. By the end of a two-hour tantric ritual, it can become very intense.


The benefits of withholding :

• Prolong the duration of the orgasm
• Increase in stamina
• Prolonging the sex act


Applying disciplined control of tantric masseuse attention to regions of your body, she spread the normally localized sensations of sexual arousal beyond the genital area to the rest of the trunk and beyond. Given enough time of playing on different erogenous zones, and concentration, the orgasm that finally occurs seems to come from the whole body at once, making it much more powerful than any ordinary orgasm.


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