Apr 16 2016

What are the benefits of erotic massage?

Erotic massage is a wonderful way to relax, explore and connect pleasure with an intimate lover. On the path of Tantra massage enjoy coming together to honor and celebrate the body as a temple of delight. This experience will allow you to explore erotic energy in new ways and is also a wonderful prelude to lovemaking.


7 Benefits of Erotic Massage are:
• It awakens the senses and activates whole-body wellbeing.
• It allows you to explore pleasure in wonderfully new and creative ways.
• Use eye contact, connected breathing, and touch to enhance intimacy.
• It creates a sensual connection between the beautiful masseuse and the receiver.
• Engage breath, sound, and movement to awaken the full-body orgasm.
• It is wonderful to feel as Onness in the prelude to orgasmic sex.



The Effects of Sensual Massage is the exchange of touch between one living, breathing body and another. When you feel the warm soft hands of sensual masseuse in Marbella while receiving messages of the intimacy of the touch and this cause the body to react in response. Erotic massage was based on recognizing this essential truth. Erotic Massage or also known as Sensual Massage or Tantric Massage practice every technique of a normal massage and its related benefits and involves naked bodies to enhance sexual arousal. This massage can be seen as a sex therapy which is to stimulate libido.


While we know that traditional massage can help improve physical and mental health, the erotic type of massage on the other hand is focused on different erogenous zones of the body to boost sexual arousal. Simply put naked masseuse in Marbella during erotic massage focuses her skills on erogenous zones. Erotic massages makes both men and women in a stage of trance where physical limitations are surpassed to a positive extent in life which leads to mental relaxation, emotional rejuvenation, and the body's overall physical improvement. Different strokes in a therapy style are applied not just to stimulate libido, but to many health benefits as well. Massage helps improve muscles tone, release stress, to feel fresh and healthy again plus it can help refresh the mind during and after an erotic massage session.


Tantric massage also gives energy throughout the body and keeps your all senses awake. During massage at your hotel in Marbella or at masseuse apartment incall you can share with sensual gorgeous masseuse your desires, fantasies and remove all boundaries. Erotic massage leads to the most intimate relationship between sexy erotic masseuse and client of all types of massage, which is in itself a therapeutic process. Whether you are looking for an intimate encounter that integrates the benefits of normal massage with a professional erotic masseuse, be assured that you are getting the best of both worlds with an erotic massage in Marbella. If you are looking for a massage near me while staying between Marbella and Estepona browser this website if you like to experience a sensual Tantric back rub at the leisure of your private hotel room from an independent beautiful masseuse and have a true hotel spa experience.


Jerry M.: 2016-11-06 23:37:50
was searching for sensual massage with erotic play and bareback Oral option as all that rubber feels very unnatural and kills all the pleasure to me. After some search I found Emilia massage hotel visit ad in Paris and was intrigued. She came to my hotel discretely dressed and wearing beautiful lingerie in beautiful feminine body and big breasts pleasure to my eyes. After kissing and erotically undressing each other we went to take shower. It was nice to feel fresh after applying soap and rubbing each other bodies, then off to bed. I did not want to rush was in the mood for long foreplay, lied face down to receive wonderful full body massage feeling her tender hands brushing my tension away and making me at ease. At some point I even felt asleep when suddenly I felt her big boobs massage gliding over my back and then her lying on top of me, pressing with her hips my but making rocking movement…I was right awake and excited ready for action turned face up. Then she teasingly looked at me started to move with her breasts over my chest kissing and slowly gliding down touching my thighs while her breasts gliding over my manhood. Then she moved to 69 position taking in her mouth slowly and deep teasing it with her thong it was very exciting. She knew exactly when to stop and was continuing gliding with her big boobs over my body coming to my face and letting me to play and kiss them while gliding with her very wet pussy over top of my cock, was very erotic experience I have to admit. Shortly after we started to have sex she got very excited too, was pressing my but and making sexy noises till I could not hold any longer. I was taking time to keep my manhood between her legs feeling her orgasmic tight squeezes with her sweet pussy. After extensive business traveling it has been a while since I had sex, I wanted to enjoy the moment. Emilia face was with excited blush was nice to see her enjoying same like me, she was caressing my back true GFE experience that are rare these days among professional ladies. Most of them do just mechanical job and want to leave quickly and Emilia is big exception very sweet gentle and sexy woman. Glad I found her now will look forward to see her again after my busy meetings day in Paris on next return.